ImpactUP - European Network for Impact Entrepreneurship Supporters

“Today we have economies that need to grow, whether or not they make us thrive. What we need are economies that help us thrive, whether or not they grow” (Kate Raworth)

The ImpactUP network aims to foster the transformation towards a thriving and sustainable economy. To that end, we aim to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange among Impact Entrepreneurship Supporters in Europe. The network is non-commercial and solely inspired by the wish to establish a network that helps to build thriving impact-driven enterprises. 

Our Vision

While the network is still in its beginnings, we share the collective vision of contributing to a thriving and sustainable economy by strengthening and reconfiguring start-up support organizations.


The ImpactUP network connects like-minded impact entrepreneurship supporters, enabling seamless connection and collaboration.


The ImpactUP network is a collaborative knowledge hub that enables its members to grasp state-of-the-art knowledge about impact entrepreneurship support quickly.


The ImpactUP network organizes, supports, and advertises events on impact-driven entrepreneurship support to foster idea exchange, knowledge sharing, and personal networking.

About us

The ImpactUP network was informally launched within several occasional exchanges between researchers, incubator & accelerator managers, and start-up enthusiasts in summer 2021. We recognized that we all have distinct experiences about impact entrepreneurship and that collaboration can accelerate our ambition to create a more sustainable world using entrepreneurship. We want to foster mutual learning, share best practices, and discuss common pitfalls to move further by moving together. Hence, we organized the first deep-dive workshops on shared interests, such as tools for supporting impact-driven start-ups. Thereby, we collaborate with our fellow Networks, such as the Social Entrepreneurship Network Deutschland (SEND) and the FGF.

No matter the subject, we are happy to support you. Shoot us a mail to: info@impactup-network.de

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Do you support start-ups as a coach, consultant, business angel, lecturer, accelerator & incubator manager, or simply as an innovation enthusiast? Are you passionate about social and environmental impact? Let us unite both worlds and join our ImpactUp community. We will inform you about all future developments via our newsletter.